Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pudding Brownies

5 pieces of fresh bread
1 liter of liquid milk
Jelly powder 1 1 / 2 pack
1 teaspoon instant Jelly
Salt 1 / 4 teaspoon
200 grams sugar
Cocoa powder 25 grams
100 grams dark cooking chocolate, cut into small pieces or slices
Egg yolk 1 item
Walnuts 50 grams, fried

Ingredients for the sauce:
Milk 500 ml liquid
60 grams sugar
Flour 5 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 5 tablespoons water
Egg yolk 1 item

How to Make it:
Bread blended with milk, agar-agar powder, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate pieces and cook, until smooth.
Cook or boil over low heat, stirring frequently until boiling, then turn off the fire
Take a little dough, then mix with egg yolks, mix well,
Nyalankan small fire, pour a solution of last egg to the batter and stir until boiling, Lift
Then enter the nuts (part only), mix well
Then pour the batter into the prepared pan before, and then sow the remaining beans and chill in refrigerator about 2-3 hours until solid perfect pudding
To Vla: Boil sugar and milk until boiling liquid, Thicken with cornstarch solution, stir gently and cook until thickened, add egg yolks (if any essens add vanilla) and stir until boiling. Lift

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