Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chocolate Cream Pudding

Jelly powder white 2 pack
250 grams of chocolate bars, heat until melted
250 gr sugar
Pure Milk 1 liter
Double cream 500 cc
Cocoa powder 25 gr, in dilute with a little hot water
Vanilla to taste

Ingredients for Sauce:
Pure Milk 800 cc
100 g sugar
Egg yolk 1 item
Vanilla to taste

How to Make it:
Material is mixed all into one (except the double cream)
blaming the fire and boil, stirring constantly, until boiling
Where is boiling, put the double cream while stirring continues to batter, mix well, remove from heat.
Refrigerate briefly until the fumes disappear, do not get frozen.
Pour in a pudding mold large, or small ones, let cool.

How to Make Sauce:
Shake off the red egg
Milk, sugar and vanilla blended together, bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring
After boiling, pour two tablespoons of vegetable milk into beaten egg, mix, add egg mixture into the boiling milk, stir briefly over the fire.
Lift, Vla stirring constantly, until quite cold, so Vla do not rupture.

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