Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mandarin Pudding

For yellow coating:  
• 1 kg of the drained mandarin oranges  
• 1 Wrap agar-agar powder yellow  
• 400 ml of liquid milk  
• 150 grams granulated sugar
• 3 eggs, egg white, beaten until stiff shaped foam or  
• 1 teaspoon orange essence 

For chocolate layer: 
• 2 packets of gelatin powder brown 
• 1250 ml of liquid milk
• 200 grams granulated sugar
• 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, which was dissolved with 50 ml of hot water, then strain.  
• 1 teaspoon brown paste 

How to Make it: 

• Prepare a first pan moistened with boiled water. Mandarin oranges and arrange on bottom of the pan.
• For yellow layer: yellow gelatin mixed with fresh milk, and sugar. Cook, stirring slowly on to boil. Then lift, pour in beaten egg whites, stirring until well blended.  
• Place the pan containing mandarin orange in the other container contains a chunk of ice cubes (to speed up the process of freezing the pudding). Pour gelatin into the pan a little yellow containing mandarin orange. After the time has begun to freeze, just pour the rest. Allow to cool.  
• For chocolate coating: mix gelatin chocolate, fresh milk, sugar, and brown solution. Cook, stirring frequently until boiling rate. Then enter the cornstarch solution, stirring again until boiling. Lift, and finally add the chocolate paste, stir, remove from heat.  
• Pour in baking dish containing agar begin to freeze.

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